Welcome to BrandonBorick WikiEdit

Soon this website is going to be moved to another website system.

Creating a page or storyEdit

If you want to create your own page, you can't! Only members of the Bqob Staff can.

Rules and GoalsEdit

1. No abusive, sextual, curse, or any type of words adding to the comments, stories or news. (If done, you computer will be tracked and reported to the CWPD (Children Website Police Department)) We want to make this website the best it can be and we don't want the stories created to be changed at all!


Every 10 visits- summary will be added to a book and advertised on the BBNews

100 visits- Games

1,000 visits- Realistic Website (

10,000 visits- Secret Surprise

How to get to different pagesEdit

To get to different pages you will have to look under the "Latest Activity" tab and click on one of the topics or stories.

Latest activityEdit

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